ColourNext 2012 Themes: Awakening

‘Awakening’ was the first theme presented at the ColourNext Dialogues 2012, which took place yesterday at a restored mill in Byculla, Mumbai. Participants first engaged with the installation and associated colour palette, after which the panel, moderated by Aditya Dev Sood and consisting of Madhukar Sabavnis and Valerie Bonnardel, spoke about their understanding of the theme. Madhukar talked about the installation as well as the colour palette signifying a certain purity, but also a dynamism, such as that of the rising sun. Valerie mentioned how the installation suggested that each individual entity was separately ascending to a higher level of consciousness, and simultaneously contributing to an even more powerful collective upward movement.

As other participants joined in the discussion, people talked about how the theme also indicated a certain spirituality, something reflected in the colour palette, which itself contains movement and dynamism, a journey from the warmer colours of the lower chakras to the lavender associated with the crown.

Images associated with the theme, along with a short description of the societal trend, are shown below.

Today, there is an increasing move towards self-awareness and self-transformation, emanating from recognition of one’s own agency in making change happen, at both individual and collective levels. People are becoming more and more conscious of the meaning and ideals behind different fundamental aspects of their lives. They are more aware of the significances and consequences of their everyday choices, and strive to examine these carefully.

Through social media and other forms of technologically-driven connectedness, these individual realizations are being not only voiced, but heard and acknowledged. This has been made most visibly apparent through the use of social media in some of 2011’s largest protests across the globe, but is also present in other less obvious situations.

This theme connects to an increasingly widespread population of awakened individuals who are witness to and participate in societal change. They recognize and treat design choices as a reflection of this honest participation in something large, harmonious and meaningful. The choices in both space and design reflect this holistic, honest and almost philosophical approach to life, and tend to be open, with architectural elements that encourage interaction and engagement with the surrounding environment. Colours associated with this team are muted, warm earthy tones and reflect the material that connects us. Materials are natural with textures that may be coarse and rough.

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