Collaboration and Innovation


By Aditya Dev Sood

At the end of the week I’ll be speaking at the Names Not Numbers conference in Mumbai, run by the Editorial Intelligence group along with the British Council, the Financial Times of London and other partners. I’ve been asked to speak on the individual and society in an age of mass social networking, themes which were very much at the forefront of their preceding event in New York, earlier this year. I’ve written about both events here.

Amidst all the other conferencing and events that make up this Networking November, I’ve spent much of the week thinking about social networking and related revolutions in media, and how they might impact the possibility and scope for collaboration and innovation. Protest and processes of design are not often conflated, but I’ll be doing my best to draw out the interlinkages.

If you’re in Mumbai, you should try and join us there.

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