CKS at the Alliance for Integrity Dialogue: Corruption Prevention in India


Extending efforts to foster an ethical business environment in an Indian context Alliance for Integrity - a business driven multi-stakeholder promoting integrity among companies – facilitated a panel discussion on panel “Corruption Prevention in India – The way forward: Suggestions by the Alliance for Integrity”  .This session was moderated by Dr. Aditya Dev Sood from CKS, Civic Innovation Labs.

Highlighting key action areas, opportunities and challenges for companies operating in India, the International Anti-Corruption Day (December 9th ) saw representatives from the Federation of German Industry (BDI) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) delving on possibilities to reduce ‘corruption risks’ for companies. It was followed by a comprehensive survey titled – “The Business Case to Counter Corruption in India” in New Delhi.

Touching upon national and international regulations, suggestions from industry veterans included an incentive framework based on rewarding employees on their courageous efforts for countering corruption. More importantly, to establish a sustainable anti-corruption program ‘within the company’, panel discussions span across spheres of public procurement, government-relations and comparative practices in India and other countries.

Panelist on board included:

Ramani Iyer – Corporate Manager – Forbes Marshall & AfIn Steering Group Member
Heiko Warnken – Counsellor – Head of Department Economic Cooperation and Development, Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany
Harsh Srivastava – Senior Vice President, Corporate – Affairs, SREI Infrastructure Finance
Sherbir Panag – Associate Criminal Lawyer

Effective enforcement of laws could be redrawn by emphasizing the need for greater institutional coordination and interplay between government agencies and regulators through – dialogue, advocacy and capacity development of corporate members. For it to happen, it is cardinal to establish a platform to address complaints through a centralized mechanism (e governance?) and rethink on the ‘financial implication of corrupt practices’.

To tackle corporate governance structures and its hierarchic loops that slow down distribution of services down the chain - Innovation is vital to ensure transparency : be it the common man or the public/private entities.

Below is a timely compilation (on Twitter) of how the series of events unfolded as understood by AfIn representatives in Germany and their associates in India.

CKS at the Alliance for Integrity Dialogue (with images & tweets)

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