Change and How We Make it Happen

In India and across the globe, governments are teaming up with civil society organizations and the private sector to create innovative and lasting solutions to society’s challenges. But what are the appropriate modes of dialogue and engagement between civil society, the private sector, and government? What scales do they effect change within – the local or the systemic? How do they come together to create change? Who changes who, and what arguments are used to make that change happen? What sectors and topics are at the forefront of these collaborations, and how are they funded? Are there current best practices or examples of success from this approach? The “Changing Society and Governments” panel session at this year’s Design Public will use these pressing questions to guide an in-depth discussion about the intersection of businesses and government in India and abroad.

The panel of expert practitioners will share the various platforms used to create opportunities for communication and partnership among these sectors, as well as discuss the most current approaches trending in the field – whether they be private public partnerships, enabling change makers, or innovation labs. By bringing together practitioners, academics, and policy makers to discuss the best methods for civil society and private businesses to work together with government, this Design Public session will also generate new, innovative ideas on how to solve urban challenges.

Design Public is excited to have the following panelists confirmed for the “Changing Society and Governments” discussion:



Garima Aggarwal currently works at Ashoka Innovators for Public in the Changemaker Schools program, an ambitious initiative to transform how children and youth grow up across the world. Learn more about Garima here.



Sumandro Chattapadhyay is Research Director at CIS; his academic interests span over topics of history and politics of informatics in India, new media and technology studies, and data infrastructures and economies. Learn more about Sumandro here.



Maesy Angelina is a social entrepreneur and the Research and Innovation Manager at Cowater International, where she actively works for women empowerment and poverty reduction in Jakarta. Learn more about Maesy here.



Divya Datta spearheads the Bihar Innovation Lab, a first-of-its-collaborative initiative of Center for Knowledge Societies and Ananya Partners, which uses citizen-centered design and innovation to create high impact solutions that target critical maternal and child health challenges. Learn more about Divya here.

Join us on the 3rd of November at the sixth annual Design Public Conclave to hear what these panelists have to share about the business of urban governance in India and other countries. To participate in these engaging discussions and many others about civic innovation, technologies, and entrepreneurship, click here to register to attend the 2016 Design Public.

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