BIL Path Forward Live Blog : And Miles to Go Before We Sleep…

BIL final

After a long and intense day at Health Public it is time to funnel down and synthesise the day.

6:20 pm : Aditya Dev Sood welcomed comments from the people on the various sessions. Anna said that the issues raised during the day were not only for India but global. She said we have to realise where we are going from here.

6:26 pm : Divya Dutta talked about the mandate of Bihar Innovation Lab. When the Lab started it was just a design approach which started as a pilot project. But gradually it went on to attain larger roles like patient identity.

6:29 pm : Aditya said BIL should act as an interface between public and private sector, mediate CSR funds for upscaling FHWs, create right balance between citizen monitored health and practioneer health, create innovations in low hanging opportunities, convene conversations parallel welfare communities, get involved with government tendering projects & create a more sophisticated process for procurement, upscale government policies to drive the tender procurement, capacity building of government policy makers provide them with the architecture and vocabulary so that they are more confident.

6:35 pm : Deepani proposed to rise above socio-cultural barriers and empowering women with more say in the decision making. Prashant Jha emphasized that BIL should decide which way to go – create tendering process or create a technology but what is important is to do. Jessica said BIL enjoys the luxury to go out in the market to create awareness. It should be a protocol driven approach to leverage the capacity. It has to be a public private partnership.

6:42 pm : BIL has been instrumental in creating the pedagogy and vocabulary for design thinking in development sector. Debarshi proposed to have the stamina to sail through one problem at a time. Rather than trying to venture on different boats what is required is to focus on one issue at a time.

The team realised it was time for deep reflection and there was a long way to go and explore but right now it is time to celebrate the success of the efforts put in.

See you next time till then stay tuned with and wait for the next endeavour.

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