Bihar Innovation Lab Featured in Tehelka and Mahindra Rise’ Tipping Point

Tehelka and Mahindra Rise are collaborating towards this year’s Think Festival by bringing us Tipping Point – an aggregation of 20 of the best examples of intelligent, scalable innovation that they could find in India. For them, these are the innovators who

…are working to conquer some of India’s most formidable challenges. They exist in small towns and in our biggest cities. They range from the affluent to the cash-strapped. And they apply themselves to problems that affect thousands, sometimes millions of lives, using their skills and strengths to offer lasting solutions.

To us, they constitute India’s most undervalued asset and that’s where we come in – to find and share these incredible innovations, to spark change and magnify it, to provide a forum where ideas can go from hyperlocal to global; where others can have access to genius and apply these innovations to their own problems.

We’re very pleased that they chose to feature our very own Aditya Dev Sood and the Bihar Innovation Lab as one of these examples. They write:

If Innovation itself feels like an ambiguous process, innovation consulting seems even more so. Yet Sood has long held, and demonstrated, that it is possible to take people who already have a desire to be innovative, but who are frustrated or are somehow caught in a rut and help them out. This process takes many forms: in the case of the Bihar Innovation Lab, CKS has a mandate to provide innovation training and orientation to state agencies and other partners in the social sector working in Bihar.

And about the Bihar Innovation Lab:

HAVING WORKED IN Bihar since 2006, CKS had already accomplished a detailed analysis of how village health services operate and where they needed to be strengthened. Public dialogue at a host of event forums, especially the Design Public Conclave in 2011, crystallised the concept. CKS gained the support of different voices keen to pilot a concept like this in India, then gained the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to kick off the BIL. It helped that under Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, there has been a significant drive for better governance. “We have chosen to go where there is the greatest need, opportunity, willing partners and likelihood of success,” says Sood.

Read the rest of the article here.

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