Architecture for Innovation: CKS’ Delhi Office Moves

As the end of this intense, action-filled and highly educative year approaches, CKS is in the process of introspecting and examining all that we’ve learnt this year, in order to understand how we can do what we do even better. In a way, we’re attempting to apply our innovation processes to ourselves while we redesign our organizational structure and realign our goals to the lessons of this past year.

A major part of redesigning an organization, though, is to examine and reconfigure the physical space in which it operates, to make sure the architecture is conducive to the activity it houses. And this is precisely what we’re trying to accomplish as we move base this week. The new office is not only more spacious, to better host the expanding project team, but is also otherwise designed to better our various innovation activities.

All the workspaces are large, open and airy, with big windows that let in the much-needed sunshine and light. Apart from the main space for the project team, there are separate spaces for brainstorming and discussions, equipped with whiteboards, bulletin boards, a projector and screen, comfortable chairs, and much more. There is also a separate conference room and auditorium for when our clients join us here for workshops and presentations. And, last but by no means least, there is a large lawn where one can escape for fresh air and much needed sunshine, which we hope to use for future Pecha Kucha nights and other fun events.

Our office space is also much better located within the geography of the city, being roughly equidistant from both, the urban center of Delhi as well as the commercial center of Gurgaon. There is a metro station located less than a kilometer away from the office, making it easily accessible by public transport, which is turn makes the commute more convenient for most employees.

This move comes at an opportune time, and reflects the many other organizational restructurings occurring simultaneously. Not only does moving during the holiday season makes the move seem more festive, but the fact that we will be beginning the new year’s work in this brand new space seems like a most apt beginning to the new paradigm of work that CKS hopes to embark upon.

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