An interesting framework for innovation

Although innovation is talked about everywhere, there are a lot of definitions from a lot of different sources, none of which seem to be saying the same thing. For some, a revolutionary new product line is innovation, while for others even the slightest tweak in the design of a product becomes innovation. The debate goes on endlessly.

Source: Doblin Research

However, some commendable attempts have been made by different firms, which attempt to understand all the different types and forms of innovation. One such widely used framework was developed by Doblin Research, the Ten Types of Innovation, which distinguishes innovations according to finance, process, offerings and delivery.

See the video below for an excellent explanation of Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation and the significance of business model innovation

While this framework is certainly one of the most comprehensive, and the company has done some excellent innovation work, something we noticed was that most of these categories (and the examples given therein) pertain to businesses and corporations seeking profits. However, with regard to social innovations, this framework seems to be less apt. It could be an interesting exercise, therefore, to see if a similar framework can developed that is specifically used for service and product design for the public interest.

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