Acumen India Fellows, 5 more


Each year, the India Fellows Program brings together approximately 20 emerging leaders from different cultures, regions, sectors, and socio-economic backgrounds across India to participate in the year-long fellowship. The program offers the unique opportunity to receive world-class training and collaborate with like-minded individuals so that our Fellows can become the next generation of social impact leaders for India and for the world.

Kirti Vardhana Kirti Vandhana

Kirti is the Head of Consulting at LabourNet, which is
a social enterprise that enables livelihoods for workers in the informal sector by providing access to training, employment and financial inclusion. In his current role, he leads the development of LabourNet’s products and manages consulting projects within the vocational skills development domain. Kirti is from Bangalore and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning.

Manjushree patil Manjushree Patil

Manjushree is a seasoned education professional with more than 20 years of experience. She is the founder of Aatman Academy, a specialized instruction school that caters to the learning needs of students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. She is from Mumbai and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from the SNDT Women’s University along with a Master’s Degree in Teacher Education from IIP Lucknow.

Prerak Mehta Prerak Mehta

Prerak is an independent research and design consultant working to improve healthcare in rural India through projects in neonatal & maternal healthcare, diabetes, medication adherence and remote diagnostics. He has been working with entrepreneurial as well as established ventures like Embrace, Quetzal, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and Oracle. Prerak holds a Master’s Degree in Design from IIT Bombay, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Nirma University.

Prerit Rana Prerit Rana

Prerit is the Co-founder and CEO at Agrasar, an organization committed to sustainable socioeconomic development of marginalized communities through systematically helping them build capacities and realize their true potential through skills development. He is a social development professional with training and capacity building as key focus areas. He is from New Delhi and holds a Master’s Degree in Rural Management from IRMA.

Ram Barigela Ram Barigela

Ram is the Senior Program Officer with Watershed Support Services and Activities Network (WASSAN), a resource support organization involved in natural resource management and livelihood promotion in rainfed areas of India. He focuses on working with shepherds and goat rearers in the Mahabubnagar district, one of the largest and most underdeveloped districts of Telangana, by promoting viable business models for economic development. He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Osmania University.

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