A Shout Out to Our Pecha Kucha Partners!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Pecha Kucha Nights in Delhi are becoming better known and more talked about. Each event brings more people, more conversation, new friends and great takeaways. One of the big reasons, apart from our own hard work and the excellent speakers we always bring, is of course, our partners. This post is simply to bring attention to the great work they’re doing and to thank them for their involvement in Pecha Kucha Night.

Radio 79 Delhi is a newly launched branch of Radio79.com, an internet radio station dedicated to alternative music from around the world. This online radio station, was launched in 2009 by Audio Aashram to create a platform for alternative electronic music from around the world. Radio 79’s new Delhi-centric channel was launched earlier this year as a way to showcase little known indie music bands from all over India, especially as the alternative music scene in the country grows at an unprecedented rate. It plays 80 percent Indian music by bands like Koniac Net, Neel and The Lightbulbs, Ska Vengers and Colaba Point, and many others, along with some international acts. It is the only real platform for alternative music in India, and we’re proud to have them as a partner for Pecha Kucha Night. In fact, they are also providing the music for the event, so come listen in. And of course, join their network on facebook, follow them on twitter and tune in to listen to some of the best and little known alternative music from India.

Halabol is a platform for youth-driven change, developed in response to the kind of citizen involvement that is increasingly more evident in India today. The idea behind Halabol was to connect like-minded people,
 nonprofits and corporate organizations 
on a common platform, in order to facilitate a positive social 
change in the country with the help 
of specific action tools. Halabol aims to create a collaborative and participatory platform where all the different stakeholders of society can come together idea solutions for some of our most severe social problems, including education, governance, environment, citizen welfare and much more. Join their ever-growing community on facebook, follow them on twitter, and also check out this excellent introductory video to know more about how they work.

About Ayesha Vemuri

Ayesha Vemuri is responsible for thought leadership and outreach efforts at CKS. She has undergraduate degree in Visual Art from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she also studied such varied subjects as biology, literature and the humanities. At CKS, she is responsible for curating the Design Public blog, managing our various social media platforms, organizing Pecha Kucha Nights and contributing to the intellectual content of the Design Public Conclave and other CKS initiatives. Find her on twitter at @ayeshavemuri.
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