A School up the hills…..


I walk up the hill and down the hill
For endless miles
To find myself in a place called school
I am told that this is the place for education
I am made to believe that children learn here

I am all excited to mirror the enthusiasm of children
I urge to see their smiling eyes with
Glint of mischief and endless hopes
I enter in the school to find…
Barren classes, children seating on their Taat’s
Seating or rather bundled together?
With empty slates and chalk to scribble
Some shapes that they don’t understand
To make sense of the world so huge

A teacher who is oblivious of their presence
Not sure of managing this diversity
Teacher who was enthusiastic at some time
Teacher who got pulled in for
everything in city except teaching

Oh dear children I feel sad
For the days you go back home
Without an exciting thing you did in school

Oh dear children I feel bad
for the endless hours you spend
Writing something that you don’t understand

Can I change something about it?
Do I have power to make a dent in the situation?

Yes, there’s something that I can still do
There’s something that all of us can do

I am sure we all can make a dent
To make this world a better place

To ensure that a child is learning new things
To make education fun for children

Hope all of you are with me in this spree

Nita Aggarwal

About Me-
In my endeavor to transform education I have recently joined Center for Knowledge Societies as Project Director, READ Alliance. READ Alliance funded by USAID, targets to improve the status of Early Grade Reading in India through new collaborations and scaling of high impact Innovations.

Interested to know more about READ Alliance and our work, feel free to reach me at nita.aggarwal@cks.in

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