A New Approach to the Adianta School Curriculum


Over the past several weeks I’ve been in conversation with our students and some faculty about how we can do things differently in the coming year. I’ve recently shared some preliminary thoughts on this topic as a blogpost. As a first draft output from that process, I’d like to share this schema:

Major Segment (2)
Project Work (1)
Self Discovery (1)
Vihara Study Group (1)

The Major Segments require two meeting times a week. External students may also join and they run two weeks to six weeks long. They cover the following topics:

0. Foundation
1. Digital by Default
2. Coding for Everyone
3. Product Development
4. Your Startup Life
5. Systems Thinking

Project work is tightly aligned to each pedagogic segment and is due for public review at the end of each segment.

Self Discovery is a mentored process of each student creating a personal program of self understanding and ambition mapping to figure out what kind of change they want to bring to the world.

The Vihara Study Group meets each week to address a new topic in innovation, usually based on a major book or reading assignment.

The entire curriculum has been visualized in the image above, albeit somewhat atmospherically. It is now time for feedback and further conversation to make this structure better and to make it work with new partnerships and new additions to our faculty cloud!

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