A brief overview of “Hidden Heroes” from Pecha Kucha #21 (Part 2)

Here is a short description of the other four speakers of the Pecha Kucha Global Night on September 20!

Jatin Modi started on a note on toys and said that it happened 20 years ago and that an evil demon skeletal found fancy for the beautiful blonde Barbie. He hated her hair and he wanted to burn it because he had a yellow face and Barbie had yellow hair so 20 years back on Friday the 13th skeletal decided to burn Barbie’s hair. Unfortunately Barbie was sleeping, the hair got burnt but he-man realized that there was some other stuff burning as well. The point of contention is that toys are the hidden heroes. They formed a major part of our childhood but we have forgotten them. 7 reasons why toys should be got back to life:

  1. Toys are our first possessions in life.
  2. Toys do not matter where they come from hence monetary value does not equate to happiness in any way. Rich kids play with their toys and poor kids make their own toys. What matters is the emotion attached to it. We learn this over a period of time.
  3. Video games lead to a prefabricated world given to kids and they are only navigating through it. It has been shown through studies that toys increase creativity , increase imagination and increase social interaction between kids , something in this social yet unsocial world
  4. A very important thing that he learnt from toys was the name of four artists. Toys gave some of us our first introductions into great art. And there is nothing more creative as art
  5. One would hug a toy and sleep when scolded that makes one realize that there is no substitute for a genuine heartfelt hug, how many times have we got it post the toy phase?
  6. We all think that we will never outgrow our toys but we do some day. The lesson being that change is the only constant in life and when you fall in love things end it is fine and you shouldn’t worry about it
  7. Toys give you magic and imagination: What is life without a little bit of magic, so let’s get magic back in our lives.

Madhusudan Atri said that his journey that started pretty slow. He is a wandered, traveler so he observes. One thing that touched him post travel was the disparity of people in the way they lived and in their lives hence he wanted to learn more about it. Through CKS and gates foundation he learnt how vaccines were given through different organizations. Someone has to dedicate their lives to make it happen. “I was asking the question how do we make this happen to bring equality in this world”? He found some people who thought like him get together and built something. He wanted to go out there and find out how heath care setups are functioning as the system in which health care is set up brings barriers between people and providers. Heath care is treated with human ailments and not as human progress. A product was designed by his team and launched in the market which was a sleeping bag that gave warmth to a child. He wanted to see what this product is doing. How are people responding to it? He saw that the mother could see its child’s eyes while it grew: that’s an example of a great design. Design is invisible as one can see the effect more than the design itself. How did this company churn this profit what takes it to be a good team? The company which made a product used a simple strategy it was about a few kids coming together almost like toy making an example of what we do every week. This spirit gets people together as team work requires one mind but encourages working everyone together. It leaves us with a deep connection with people who are there. These connections are the ones that I wish to collaborate with the future. Being a start up people leave often but that’s a part of life. You learn to deal with it.


According to Faith Gonsalvez, “Heros” is not a correct way to start so I would rather say leaders are people who we look up to people in leadership positions. The idea of overcoming fear is being a hero, people that we look up to people that we respect. So many things that you think of doing or dream about doing something but there is a fear to do it, how to acknowledge it and move out and base it from there. She has worked with 25 musicians in India and Nepal to instrument something called the swaratha which is a small residential centre for girls who come from lower income communities. She spoke about the various kinds of kids they work with: for example a young musician who was recorded for the first time. Also this shelter in Mehrauli had some kids in school and some had started working. They had come from very different backgrounds. These kids performed in Indian Habitat Centre for the first time in a public concert. Through a workshop on clowning and music the audience learnt about the profound educational impact music has on people. Heroes are people who really have a voice i.e. when they are saying something you want to listen to them. They have conviction, a way of teaching, to get people’s voices out. It’s about listening to people what they have to say giving them a voice and getting that out there to different parts of the world. Two projects one is dhana dhana music from the monsoon project and the other is monkey on the project which is about how to document the work into an interesting way and how to take these audios and voices to other people of the world. They work with three key musicians one of whom is a young song writer and another one an architect .Through music a series of concerts were held in 2005 to put pressure on the G8 summit to alleviate poverty and this brought 1000 musicians and 1 billion people of this world together .A flagship program in partnership with the Venezuelan government called El sistema , a music educational program for children from lower income communities. Another one is called the voice project which helps women and children in Uganda who want their voices to be heard.

Manu Makker: The hidden heroes behind the hidden heroes …what gets the hero out of us …A lot of goodness we do when we are calm and stress free? What inspires us to get the hidden heroes out of us? Human beings tend to do better things. What makes us relaxed and enjoy our presence in the world?  God or extraterrestrial force or some inherent goodness in human beings or is it bacteria? Bacteria cleans our mess, garbage etc. and it contributes to the process of degeneration .There was an oil spill in the gulf of Mexico and scientists used bacteria to clean it up. Astronauts were not allowed to change their underwear in three days .The reason was waste disposal was a big problem up till the 90’s.  Bacteria started degenerating underwear to rocket fuel post the 90’s. Bacteria gave us chocolates and coffee both things that make us happy. It is fascinating to know Bacteria would weigh 3 pounds as much as a human brain. The story started with two mice in a laboratory experiment one on yoghurt beat and the other on broth. Both were chucked in water by the scientist. The broth mice (no bacteria) wanted to get out but it quit in 4 minutes but the one in yoghurt stayed till 5-6 minutes. The broth mice had a lot of stress hormone whereas the yoghurt mice produced anti stress hormone that made him calm and relaxed. Your doctor say have yoghurt to replenish good gut bacteria. It produces serotonin: responsible for our mood. Our gut is a reservoir of happiness. Hence bacteria are used to treat patients what are under psychiatric care.  From an evolutionary standpoint bacteria proved to keep us calm and have a stress free mind that is when you like your place in the planet. Bacteria are the hidden heroes as they can get happiness in the world. Hence if bacteria can make people happy so can all of us.


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