7 Awesome Videos on Innovation

By Ayesha Vemuri

Today is the last working day for CKS this year, since we go on holiday break after the Christmas/Solstice celebration later this evening. We will not be posting many, if any, articles over the next ten days, and so I wanted to leave you with some of the most inspiring videos on innovation (and related topics) that I’ve come across this year. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season. See you next year!

Innovation Driven

Steve Johnson’s Where do Good Ideas Come From?

The Internet in Society: Empowering or Censoring Citizens?

Village Telco – A Communication Revolution

“Isang Litrong Liwanag” – A Liter of Light

Reinvent the Toilet | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Aquaduct: Mobile Filtration Vehicle

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