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Smarter Cities Challenge Track at Design Public IV

Cities in India are growing increasingly faster, and it is predicted that half the nation’s population will be living in urban centers by 2050. Even now, many inhabitants suffer inadequate access to transport, power, food, shelter and water, indicating a … Continue reading

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India in a Liminal Phase?

I came across an interesting article, “New ‘census’ towns showcase new India” that made me ponder over the direction where India is heading. Through the study of the Saraon village, eastern Uttar Pradesh, it shows how the process of urbanization … Continue reading

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Getting Smarter at Designing ‘Smarter Cities’

Rapid urbanization will adversely affect several factors that impact our quality of life, such as healthcare, education, public safety, trust in governance, ability to govern, and there needs to be deliberation around how to address these challenges through solutions that … Continue reading

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