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It’s been quite a day here in London. The Olympics are here this summer, but Design Public won’t be visiting until 2014. That’s the outcome of a series of conversations I’ve had today, with organizations like the British Council, NESTA and the Young Foundation, all involved with creative industries, social entrepreneurship, and innovation acceleration. The will work with us on our December 7 event in Mumbai as a means of working towards a larger global partnership to spur public innovation.

Why London? We believe that the Design Public conversations have led to real change in just a short amount of time. We’ve seen new project ideas and institutional concepts emerge and start out the door because the right combination of decision makers, funding sources and entrepreneurs have been in the same room together. We believe that the Bihar Innovation Lab and similar institutional approaches will prove the right ones for nations across South East Asia and Africa. We think we can contribute globally to bringing about change in people’s approach to innovation. To do that, however, we need to take our approach to a global city like London, where flows of capital and of ideas and people might interconnect cities as diverse as Patna, Dhaka and Accra. See you there!

Photocredit: I took this photo in the underground on my way back this evening. Seemed too good to let go! ADS.

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  1. Ayesha Vemuri says:

    I love the image – how apt!

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